Sherry Brown
Sherry has been directly involved with providing business solutions to business owners for over 15 years.  She has had the opportunity to travel East Central Indiana helping business owners create advertising plans to grow their businesses.  Always lending a listening ear, she found out first hand what troubled business owners and what strategies brought success to different businesses. She provided systems to streamline jobs making each work place more efficient and successful. She has a passion to help others succeed.

In 2006, she lost her father unexpectedly.  Her journey to organizing began when she became the executor of his estate and started down  the road of self discovery.  Eagerly, she developed a plan and set out to accomplish it.  It was in those hot days outdoors, organizing items from a small engine business, she felt a sense of fulfillment.  Her step-mother said “I am so overwhelmed with all this stuff but you seem to know what to do and make so much progress when you are here”.

Sherry carried that accomplishment  forward into countless projects for family, friends and neighbors as they all knew she could turn chaos into some sort of calmness.  Today she dedicates her days full time to guiding others in their quest for calm, order and reclaiming space.

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