Downsizing for Safety

Senior Organizing Pros is dedicated to helping seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects associated with downsizing and de-cluttering the home for safety. We can provide a variety of tailored services to ensure that these transitions are as smooth as possible. Relieving you and your family of any undue stress is the primary goal of Senior Organizing Pros! Customers love our caring approach, honesty, and complete follow-through.

Downsizing the possessions you’ve acquired over a life time is a daunting task. One part of you knows you need to do it, while the other part of you clings to the memories these possessions have.

This is where Sherry Brown can help. There is more than one way to keep a memory than actually hanging onto the item itself. Let’s brainstorm ways to do this and then discover ways to help others with those beloved items you no longer need or use.

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