Sherry has helped me organize my home office and helps me with keeping order with on-going projects.

Mary Dollison
Retired Teacher and Full Time Volunteer

As a business owner, we change seasonal decorations many times throughout the year, and over the years, we have accumulated many things for the displays. I hired Sherry to downsize my collections, keeping what was fresh and in-style. Now when it’s time for me to decorate for the season, it’s much easier to find what I need.

Penny Prow
Pazols Jewelers

With the death of my husband, I was overwhelmed with all that needed accomplished to downsize his small business and his belongings. Sherry assisted with the Auctioneering company, the Realtor and attorney taking most of the stress off me.

Debbie Frederick
Vincennes, IN

I sought out Sherry to help downsize my home and storage space. I have since had Sherry help me in my professional offices to better organize the space I have. I highly recommend her!

Marsha Wickersham
Wicks Pies

Sherry was able to downsize 3 bedrooms and the closets to make room for me to move into my mother’s home to provide caregiving. I really appreciated that Sherry was able to assist me with my mother and her belongings.

Cyndi Scrogie
Muncie, IN

Sherry Brown has helped me down size and empty my residence of the past 60 years.  She was efficient and understanding of the emotion impact such an undertaking produces.  In addition, she helped me make difficult decisions in a manner that made the task easy. She kept appointments carefully, was always cheerful and I felt that I could trust her without question. I can recommend her without reservation.

Richard A.
Westminster Village

With our growing family, our storage space was dwindling and we started to stack everything on top of each other in our mudroom. With the help of Sherry, she assisted us in determining what we needed to keep or what could be donated. Now we have an easier time using the spare refrigerator cabinet space and its more inviting as an entry to our home.

Tara & Doug Taylor
Farmland, IN

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