A Stress-Free Day at the Beach

With gas prices on the rise, it’s time to make good spending choices, it’s hard to think about planning a vacation without anticipating the big expense. But what do you do with the kids all summer long? Try a day at the beach!

With some pre-planning, your day can be stress, well almost, stress-free. Here are some key elements to keeping it all together, while still having fun at the beach.

Plan out the day. How long is the drive? What about nap time? Lunch time? Plan your time, but don’t plan so tight you can handle minor change in the plan.

Pack up the car and bags the night before. For those big day trips to the beach it’s a good idea to pack the car the night before. The next morning all you’ll need to worry about is dressing the kids, breakfast and packing lunches. You could even pack lunches the night before if you are feeling ambitious. Check out our “Beach Essentials” list to help you pack.


Confirm times or rates before you go. Call to confirm when places open and if there are entry fees. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere without enough money. Or worse yet – your destination isn’t open that day. Also if you are meeting friends, it’s a good idea to confirm what time you are meeting and which days.

Let the kids help. No matter where you go, it’s important to give each child a task or responsibility. One child can be in charge of turning off all lights, tv’s or radios before you leave the house. Another can carry the drinks to the car. Not only do they feel like they are contributing, but it makes my life easier.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy your summer. There are several “beaches” around Muncie. Check out Prairie Creek Reservoir, Water Bowl, Tuhey Pool, or Splash House in Marion.

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