Give Dad the Gift of Time

With Father’s Day coming up, I think about what to give my father – the man who is always there for me, who helps me fix my house and my car, who picks up my kids when I can’t, who takes me to breakfast then off for a day of rummaging on Saturday – for his special day. He always tells me he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, his birthday, or for Christmas – and he really means it! He knows I’m on a fixed budget and buying him a present can be financially difficult.


My Dad – world’s greatest father!

Several years ago, when I figured out he REALLY didn’t want me to buy him anything; I started doing something special for him. One year, the kids and I cleaned his truck, inside and out. Another year, my son mowed the lawn for him. Now, I bake him a lemon meringue pie for Father’s Day and his birthday (the kids and I started a special tradition for Christmas, but that’s another story). His mom, my grandma, always made a special pie for her baby boy (there were seven kids and Dad is the youngest). I was lucky enough to know my grandma and she taught me how to make my dad’s favorite pie.

So now his gift is my time, which is very precious to both of us. I’m teaching my son and daughter how to make the lemon meringue pie just like Papaw likes. Dad’s face lights up as the kids walk in caring the pie they helped bake. We all have a piece and enjoy some more time together.

As you think about what to give your dad this Father’s Day, why don’t you consider giving him your time? Do something for him, like clean out his garage, organize his closest, listen to his stories (write them down for your children), take a walk in the garden with him; just spend time with the special man in your life. He will love it!

Carol Bradshaw, guest blogger for Organize This!

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