How To Preserve Old Photos Without Losing Your Mind

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of organizing your family photography? Does the thought of losing all those family memories in a disaster leave you sick to your stomach? Feeling lost because you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to organizing and preserving all those old family photos?

Chris Cummins from Glow Imagery in Kansas City created a guide to help you.


Fire, floods and catastrophes are always a threat but so is procrastination, apathy and carelessness. This guide will take away the worry and mystery by giving you an actionable plan to preserve, organize and save your family’s photographic history. This guide is also meant to show you how to preserve old photos while having a little fun too.

A little time, organization and knowledge of the best practices plus a little effort can keep your photography in excellent shape for people to enjoy for years to come.

Find the guide at

Thank you to Chris for allowing Organize This! to post his article.

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