Get Organized for Summer Camp

A few packing guidelines will help your child spend more time playing and less time looking for lost items when she is away at camp. By actively involving your child in the packing process you can help her learn life-long organizing skills.

The number one rule of packing for camp is “label everything with your child’s name.” Keep camp items neat and organized with plastic zipper bags. Each bag can hold a single category of packed items, such as “short-sleeve tee shirts,” “shorts,” and “socks.” Use an indelible marker to label the bags with the category name and your child’s name. The bags will make it so much easier to locate items at camp and will keep them clean and dry.

Bags can be used to hold items other than clothes. A “fun bag” filled with playing cards, a book, a notebook, markers and pencils will keep your camper busy during quiet time. An “outdoor bag” holds the items your camper needs for being outside: bug repellent, sun block, a flashlight, a poncho and a cap. Bag stationary and pens but consider pre-addressing and stamping the envelopes for letters home. Pack swimming gear in a mesh bag, and all the swimming items will be kept together while they are hanging up to dry. A few plastic grocery bags will hold damp and muddy items during the return trip home. And of course, your camper will need a large laundry bag. If the camp rules allow, consider packing in a large plastic tub. In addition to being weather proof, the hard sides of the tub won’t collapse like a duffel bag when your camper is looking for something.

Put the camp packing list in a plastic page protector and have your child cross off the items with a marker as you pack. Once packed, wipe off the plastic and instruct your child to cross off items when she is packing for her return home, then pack the list.

Provide your camper with a little touch of home by dropping-off a few cheerful letters with the camp counselor at check-in time. You won’t have to worry about your letters being delayed or lost in the mail. Make sure you indicate when each letter should be given to your child.

Your child will have more fun at camp when she can find what she needs when she needs it. We parents love it when our children can have fun in a positive manner!

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