7 (Totally Achievable) Organizing Goals for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions should be ambitious, but make them too lofty and you’ll set yourself up for failure. Give these mini goals a try this year and get ready for big results.

  1. Organize your mornings. Resolve to make one positive change to your morning routine. You could run a load of laundry, make a better breakfast, get up earlier, or exercise, for example.
  2. Organize your days. The New Year deserves a new calendar, so get one calendar or planner you really like and stick to it. There are three simple habits that make this work:
  • Write everything relevant into your calendar as soon as possible.
  • Start each day looking at your schedule.
  • End each day looking at it again to make sure you’re ready for tomorrow.
  1. Organize your weeks. Just 15 minutes of planning once a week will make a huge difference in time savings and smooth sailing. Decide what’s for dinner with a simple menu plan (five dinners, one night of leftovers, and one night dining out), and coordinate your calendars for carpools and family activities.
  2. Organize your comings and goings. Create a “Destination Station,” an established system at the place where you enter and exit the house daily. You can repurpose a closet or piece of furniture like a sideboard or small table, or simply add a sturdy row of hooks to the wall. The idea is that you have a home for your purse, keys, shoes, chargers, gadgets, errand items, school stuff, and eco-friendly grocery bags.
  3. Organize your everyday finances. If you don’t use online banking, invest a few minutes to learn how easy it is to set up automatic payments and other payees with varying amounts, saving you time, stamps, and hassle.
  4. Organize your address book. This is an easy win: You just received a batch of holiday cards with everyone’s updated information on them. Take a few minutes to update these addresses in your records.
  5. Organize your primary wardrobe closet. Experience serene mornings by saving time and reducing stress with an easily visible set of choices. We recommend organizing clothing by type, such as short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, skirts, jackets, and suits, and then within each category also sorting by color, from light to dark. This arrangement allows you to create many more outfit combinations and actually see what you have.

Article found at http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/a19550/organizing-new-years-resolutions/

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